Centurial Memorial Park

Crafted in harmony with nature, the Centurial Memorial Park embodies a symbiotic relationship with the environment, preserving 60% of the ecological landscape and achieving an optimal balance with the surrounding ecosystem. The diverse topography, unique landscape sights, and enveloping hilly terrain, combined with lush vegetation, create a serene, stable, and secure setting for those lying at rest here. This natural forest cemetery, where heaven and earth unite, invites visitors into a space where peace and tranquility are found in the dialogue with nature. It allows them to sense the harmonious connection between life and the natural world, to reflect on the positive and optimistic essence of life.

Dedicated to embracing nature and forging a connection between heaven and earth, the Centurial Memorial Park's holistic design is rooted in the wisdom of the I Ching. Drawn from universal origins and inspired by the two modes of yin and yang in the Tai Chi philosophy, the park impeccably embodies the I Ching's connotations of Tai Chi, Two Modes (yin and yang), Four Images, and Eight Trigrams. The park's outdoor-themed sections are categorized by distinct environments and crafted with the symbolism of one source, two streams, four seasons, and the outdoors in mind. This thoughtful design incorporates an outdoor cemetery, a service center, and the Palace of the Light, collectively shaping it into a supreme and timeless paradise.

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Centurial Memorial Park

No. 38-2, Mujiliao, Yuanshan Vil., Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City 252005 , Taiwan Phone number:02-2636-5300

Business Hours: 8:30-16:30

Should you require service outside of our business hours, please make a reservation by contacting us at least three days in advance.

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