ESG Corporate Sustainability

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Every employee at Lung Yen instills positivity and kindness

  • Environmental Protection

    We regularly monitor all cemetery parks under our management with professional monitoring partners to ensure the biodiversity and geological stability of the environment. This is done to safeguard the surrounding buildings, and the health and safety of our clients, employees, and passerby. 

    All park areas are operated with ongoing planting and maintenance plans to preserve the environment and biology and to fulfill corporate social responsibility for sustainability. Especially in the BaishaBay Memorial Park locate in New Taipei City, the number of trees, including cherry blossoms and evergreens, has been steadily increasing. Similarly, at An Tai Memorial Park in Neimen of Kaohsiung, efforts focused on landscape enhancement, existing planting maintenance, and green space expansion are continuously being executed.

    As Lung Yen maps out its construction initiatives, compliance with green building standards has become imperative. So far, the Palace of the Light Memorial Columbarium, the Realm of the Light Service Center and Equipment Room, and the Gateway of Light Memorial Hall have all secured the Green Building Label.

  • We partner with suppliers that share the same sustainability vision with us. Thus, all constructional materials must adhere to the necessary green building standards regulated by law. The annual contract amount that comply with the requirements for green building materials exceed multiple billions NTD.

    Our environmental efforts extend to all company facilities and are in large part spearheaded by our employees. As of 2017, we’ve replaced all lighting to energy efficient LED lights, saving 112,061 KWh in two years. We have reduced our paper usage by 25,000 sheets which is an equivalent of 457kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

    Our net energy consumption across all our facilities have reduced year over year and will continue to do so as we implement more environmental initiatives.

    Read more in our CSR reports.

  • Social Responsibility

    At Lung Yen, we provide a holistic benefits package for employees, including staff welfare council, insurance, health examination, various allowance, family day, free lunch and club activities that  contribute a rich working environment through which employees are able to collaborate to create a gorundbreaking future for Taiwan's life service industry and strive to becaome an iconic enterprise in the Greater China region.

  • We understand the influence companies wield and thus we continuously give back to society. We have made monetary and in-kind donations to a long list of non-profit organizations, foundations, and even poorly funded nursing homes and schools throughout Taiwan. These entities support a wide range of disadvantaged groups and issues: people with disabilities, the elderly living alone, domestic abuse victims, low-income households, neighborhood waste management and more.

  • Pro bono funeral services 

    In July 2001, we founded the Lung Yen Charity Foundation to leverage our expertise and resources to support public welfare. We have a dedicated team that helps disadvantaged families in dealing with funeral matters and releases emergency relief funds when necessary.

    We believe actions of service provide greater value than monetary aid. Every person deserves a dignified and fulfilling life, down to their final chapter. More importantly, we believe that by instilling hope, we can help ease societal problems brought by poverty. We conducted over 50 pro bono funerals through the foundation every year. 

  • The Lung Yen Charity Foundation focuses on "Life Education" and "Life Care," offering holistic education, senior care, aid to remote-area children, and voluntary burial services. Through the integration of Lung Yen funeral services and community support, the foundation actively promotes life care and social welfare, encouraging the community to prioritize life planning and show compassion for vulnerable groups and the aging population.

  • Corporate Governance

    At Lung Yen, we believe our recognition stems from our constant pursuit for improvement. In recent years, we climbed several ranks to now being included in Taiwan Top 30 in the category of listed construction brands by CommonWealth, a prestigious magazine in Taiwan.

    In the CSR category, we have received the CommonWealth CSR award and been ranked Top 5% in Corporate Governance for years in a row. 

  • In the service category, we have received High Honors from city and county authorities throughout Taiwan and won the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award. At Lung Yen, we believe our recognition stems from our constant pursuit for improvement.

    Our CSR strategy has been led by our board of directors since 2011. We later established the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee in 2018, which is composed of one company director, independent outside directors, and sustainability professionals to reinforce our strategy.

  • To ensure transparency, Lung Yen works with both an independent Audit Committee and an internal Audit Team. The Audit Committee consists of three independent directors that support Lung Yen’s board of directors in overseeing major issues encountered; they act in the shareholders’ best interest by ensuring the credibility and integrity of the company. On the other hand, our internal Audit Team identifies operational inefficiencies, provides feedback, and assists the board of directors where necessary. 

    Last but not least, a Remuneration Committee was established in 2011, consisting of two independent directors and an HR expert to give recommendations to the board of directors on remuneration packages for executives and managers that meet ethical standards.

  • The internal audit unit at Lung Yen operates under the authority of the Board of Directors, performing its duties based on the audit plan approved by the governing body. The mission of the audit is to scrutinize and assess internal system shortcomings, gauge operational efficiency, offer timely suggestions for enhancement, and ensure the sustained and effective implementation of the system. The aim is to aid the Board of Directors and management in fulfilling their responsibilities.

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