Memorial Hall, The Gateway of Light

Architectural Concept

"Memorial Hall, The Gateway of Light" - Crafted as a simple and pristine space, conceived from the concept of a door-shaped frame.

The "Gate of Light" symbolizes a boundary for bidding farewell, expanded into the building's overarching structure. Ando's play with light and shadow through glass façades captures the essence beautifully. It forms a transitional space guiding the departed into a sacred atmosphere. Inside, translucent elements on the east side intertwine sunlight and shadow, while on the west, glass tiles create a "wall of light," symbolizing individual lives as a collective memorial.

Corridor of Light through Camera Lens

The Corridor of Light boasts a cross-layer void space design, predominantly white, playing with light and shadow to accentuate the space's evolution. It blends reality and imagination, guiding users with sound towards the east and west. The artful arrangement of floors on the east side creates captivating interplays of light and shadows, transforming the funeral parlor's atmosphere into an unparalleled ambiance.

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Facilities at The Gateway of Light

  • 1F_Guest Service Area Reception Desk

    The predominant color scheme of the space is white, accentuated by Venetian lacquered walls. The interplay of light and shadows creates a subdued and serene natural texture, while the interior mirrors the greenery visible through the glass, instilling a soothing and tranquil ambiance. At the end of the traffic flow, the escalator unmistakably directs guests upward to the "Memorial Wall" on the west side.

  • Funeral Parlor

    The symbolic gate design concept extends into an entire building structure. Spanning 10 floors above ground and 2 floors below, the space created by the door frame resembles a luminous passageway, guiding individuals into the sacred realm of light.

  • 1F_Escalator Void Space Area

    Guests ascending the west escalator traverse the memorial wall, crossing a pathway bathed in soft light that gently illuminates their faces. They are led to the entrance of the East Funeral Hall, where they can bid farewell to their loved ones.

Grounds Management



Memorial Hall, The Gateway of Light

No.36, Lane 600, Benguan Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City Phone number:07-392-0000

Business Hours: 24 hours

Memorial Tablet Setting Room and Funeral Hall Open 07:00-18:00

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Indoor parking facilities are on B1 and B2, accommodating up to 40 vehicles.

Outdoor parking spaces are also available in the surrounding area.

Transport Information
Public Transit

By Bus: Red 33 Mingcheng Route    

Disembark at Benguan Road (Mortuary Services Office). Walk approximately 10 minutes straight along Lane 600 of Benguan Road to the second car park of the Mortuary Services Office and make a right.