Palace of the Light

Architectural Concept

The design concept is only for planning purposes, not for existing products.
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The Palace of the Light, nestled in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, is enveloped by cherry blossoms, evoking the image of a revived butterfly kingdom. A 12-meter upright, sparkling waterfall and an 81-meter aerial water dish encapsulate profound thoughts, while an 18-meter-high ceiling welcomes cascading light from the dome, creating a serene and breathtaking scene. In a realm where time persists and the soul endures, the Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate has collaborated with Lung Yen Group to forge the most exquisite ecological marvel.


Tadao Ando has thoroughly incorporated the three elements of life—sunlight, water, and air—into his architectural masterpieces, creating a majestic ambiance that embraces a sense of mystery, offering solace and tranquility to the soul.

Apart from "water," Ando has incorporated the essential elements of "sunlight" and "air" into the building. In the Hall of Light, which stretches about 100 meters, sunlight illuminates the pathway, leading to a central water basin. The interaction among people in this space signifies the intimate connection between architecture and life, allowing the building to breathe with the rhythm of light and energy flow, embodying a sense of sustainable life.

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