Corridor of the Light

Architectural Concept

The design concept is only for planning purposes, not for existing products.
This 3D rendering is for reference only and is copyrighted by Lungyen.

The primary structure of the Corridor of the Light spans 180 meters. In keeping with Fugan's slender topography, Tadao Ando chose an elliptical shape for the exterior instead of an angular one. This design incorporates the symbolism of an "earthen building" as a secure guardian for the family, creating a distinctive internal paradise while presenting a seemingly closed and fortified exterior.

The central courtyard and inner walls are illuminated by natural light due to the building’s shape. Two streams flow on opposite sides around the building, following the curvature of the walls. The award-winning architect sought to create a dynamic yet peaceful environment by leveraging the juxtaposition of light and shadow along with other aforementioned design elements.

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Corridor of the Light

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