ChiaYun Memorial Columbarium

Feng Shui

The Chiayun Columbarium is a towering structure that sits at the foot of Mount Alishan in Chiayi, southwestern Taiwan. The columbarium was built using natural stones, such as marble, and leverages soft neutral tones to integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment. The topography of the area enables energy (Qi) to flow without obstruction towards this Chinese palace-style building. Per feng shui principles, the columbarium is situated in an auspicious site.

The Chiayun Columbarium is equipped with a master prayer room that covers 991.5 square meters. The interior is adorned with statues of various deities and inscriptions of Chinese poems and Buddhist incantations that speak of blessings being passed down from generation to generation.

Grounds Guide

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  • Hall of Worship

    This highrise venue covers ~330 square meters and is dedicated to the Three Saints of the West in Buddhism. The three Buddhas appear standing on their respective lotus flowers, symbolic for purity of speech, body, and mind.

  • Service Center

    Administrative tasks are carried out in this newly built Service Center, which doubles as a resting area for visiting clients. The space was designed to be minimal, bright, and comfortable.


  • Floral Tributes

    Providing floral tributes services

  • Festive Celebrations

    Commemorating every moment spent together

  • Environmental Cleanliness

    Diligently maintaining the ancestral home

  • Professional Services

    Regular staff training and collecting customer feedback

Contact Infomation

ChiaYun Memorial Columbarium

No. 112-4, Niuchoupu, Shuishang Township, Chiayi County 608008 , Taiwan Phone number:05-289-1650

Business hours: 08:30~16:30

If you need service outside of the above business hours, please call to make a reservation three days in advance.

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Parking Options

A parking lot is available opposite to the columbarium.