Lienyuan Memorial Columbarium

Design Narrative

The Lienyuan Memorial Columbarium is located in Ji’an, Hualien, around a 15 minutes’ drive from Hualien City. Hualien sits on the eastern coast of Taiwan and is not only deemed one of the most scenic coastal areas but also possesses various auspicious sites.

The Lienyuan Memorial Columbarium is surrounded by mountains on both sides, the Central Mountain Range and the Hai’an Mountain Range. Additionally, it faces a river that flows towards the North Pacific Ocean, deeming this site a prime location for good energy to accumulate and bring fortune to all who reside here.

The Lienyuan Memorial Columbarium was designed to be a versatile venue that welcomes all religions from the East, such as Buddhism, and the West, such as Christianity and Catholicism.

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