Opening up a discussion of farewell wishes by tabletop game

The Lungyen Charity Foundation, established 21 years ago, has long been committed to providing assistance with funerals and developing diverse life education. On November 27th, the foundation held a life education seminar in Taichung, inviting the founder of "Death Cafe," Ms. Kuo Hui-Chuan, and funeral director Ling-Shih Han to share their perspectives on death through engaging conversation. The goal of the seminar was to explore new viewpoints on funeral customs, with the hope that attendees will have a positive and relaxed attitude towards death and be able to have open and easy conversations about life with their families.

During the seminar, Ms. Kuo led the group in a "Farewell Clearance-Tabletop Game" activity, accompanied by a throwing cup mini-game to discuss plans for the end of one's life. Using the throwing cup, participants asked each other questions and guessed each other's preferences for end-of-life plans. The interactive and fun nature of throwing cup helped open up taboo topics and facilitated candid discussions about bucket lists and farewell wishes.

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