The newly renovated Hall of Columbarium Entry is now officially open

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the True Dragon Tower, Lungyen has invested significant resources to undergo a complete renovation of the G4 floor, known as the "Hall of Columbarium Entry" For this project, Lungyen has collaborated with the renowned design firm, Snuper Design, to develop a fresh and innovative plan for the "Hall of Columbarium Entry." The overall design concept is centered around the theme of "Heritage Light," with a focus on creating a welcoming and prestigious atmosphere comparable to a five-star hotel. The newly designed spaces include the Grand Avenue, the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva worship area, the Farewell Ceremony Hall, the VIP Spirit tablet area, as well as redesigned corridors, staircases, and restrooms. The goal is to provide a serene and contemplative environment where one can reflect and remember, allowing life to continue in a boundless world in a different form.

The exclusive space of entry provides a brand-new experience for farewells and remembrance

The "Hall of Columbarium Entry" is a farewell ceremony space dedicated to clients. As visitors enter through the welcoming avenue, the journey of bidding farewell to life begins amidst the interplay of light and shadow. The orderly arrangement of columns and the grand stone pillars set the stage for introspection and contemplation. At the center of the Hall of Columbarium Entry stands the solemn and accommodating Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, symbolizing completeness. The curved back wall, representing a sense of harmony, is adorned with sequential light strips that gracefully diverge, serving as a cautious and intimate prelude, allowing visitors to feel the profound reverence for life.

The concept of "Heritage Light" interprets the eternal sense of fulfillment

Snuper Design excels at inheriting the essence of local culture and using modern vocabulary to interpret contemporary spaces, bringing Taiwanese interior design in line with international standards. Emphasizing the breaking of various frameworks and prioritizing the spiritual experience of individuals, the design of the "Hall of Columbarium Entry" incorporates gentle lighting and shadows throughout, utilizing materials such as heavenly clouds, golden wood, and earth stones. These materials symbolize the retreat of heavenly clouds, the resilience of golden wood, and the grandeur of earth stones, returning to the fundamental essence of life and representing eternity and fleeting moments. Ultimately, it embodies the fulfillment of life. The corridors and walkways are adorned with stone, special paints, bricks, and illuminated strips on the walls, creating a rich sense of depth. The Farewell Ceremony Hall employs a curved ceiling as a metaphor for inclusiveness, creating an overall atmosphere of harmony and tranquility. Through the interplay of light and shadow, people can reminisce about the past and embrace the future in this space.

The VIP Spirit tablet area features a dynamic "curved wall" design that expands outward, creating a sense of centrality with its guiding flow. The stepped display showcases crystal plaques enveloped in light strips, illuminating the delicate texture of the crystal lotus plaques and enriching the emotional atmosphere of the space. Throughout the process of constructing the spatial experience, it provides customers with the purest space for remembrance.

Lungyen values meticulous service and pays attention to the details. In order to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space, Lungyen has invited the renowned signage system design company, WHITEr Design Studio, which has received the prestigious "Golden Pin Design Award," to create an exclusive signage system for the Hall of Columbarium Entry. The design not only emphasizes visual appeal and clear identification but also takes into consideration the sensory capabilities of users. It effectively conveys necessary information while being considerate of the elderly who may visit for worship. The text size is slightly enlarged to facilitate reading for the elderly, and appropriate-sized signage is provided, taking into account the users' body size, posture, and mobility. This thoughtful approach ensures that visitors can experience Lungyen's meticulous and caring service.

The "Hall of Columbarium Entry" is a farewell ceremony space dedicated to all clients. We aim to create a solemn and tranquil atmosphere within the space, allowing visitors to experience a profound reverence for life as they embark on their final journey.

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