Lungyen Foundation participated in The 2023 Color Walk

The 2023 Color Walk hold at the Dajia Riverside Park on May 27. This annual walking event is designed specifically for seniors. Lungyen Social Welfare and Charity Foundation called on colleagues to participate in the walking event.

To encourage older adults with limited mobility to venture outdoors and interact with others, Lungyen Foundation had donated two hundred thousand dollars to arrange transportation for the elderly to the event, providing exclusive eco-friendly bags for them. Furthermore, colleagues from lungyen served as volunteer companions to cheer and support the participating elderly individuals.

Ready, set, walk! Chairman Liang Jianyun (first from the left) and Ambassador Zeng Baoyi (second from the left) started the walk.

Beside the main stage of the event, a charity carnival had been arranged, offering a variety of fun booths for the grandparents to enjoy. This year, Lungyen Foundation has set up a charity booth with the theme "Good Life without Dependence". The booth features a challenging game where the elderly participants are encouraged to play. They could write down a sentence expressing their idea of good life, scaned the QR code to watch videos showcasing the achievements of the foundation, and participate in a fun quiz game. 

The elderly enthusiastically took part in the game.

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