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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Framework
and Status of Corporate Governance

For many years, Lungyen has upheld the principles of professionalism, integrity, and respect, and has consistently implemented various corporate governance systems. Our corporate governance structure includes three functional committees: the audit committee, the compensation committee, and the corporate governance and nomination committee. These committees aim to enhance the board of directors and build an effective corporate governance framework that aligns with the interests of our investors.

Shareholders' meeting

Shareholders' meeting information

Dividend History

Our company's dividend policy is based on protecting the rights and interests of shareholders and is measured according to the company's future capital budget planning. The distribution of dividends can be done through cash dividends or stock dividends, with cash dividends being the priority. It can also be done through stock dividends, but cash dividends should not be less than 10% of the total shareholder dividends.

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The Board of Directors

Lungyen has a board of seven directors, including three independent directors. The members of the board have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and exercise their powers with the highest level of prudence, in order to create the maximum value for the rights and interests of employees, manufacturers, customers, and shareholders.

Independent directors can be contacted via email at

Functional Committees

Independent directors and auditors

Operation of Internal Audit Division

Major Corporate Regulations