Hill of the Light

Architectural Concept

The design concept is only for planning purposes, not for existing products.
This 3D rendering is for reference only and is copyrighted by Lungyen.

In harmony with the surrounding hillside terrain, the primary structure of the Hill of the Light is designed like a staircase, adorned with greenery planted at the apex of each level. This creates a tiered structure that blends in with the natural environment.

At the core of the Hill of the Light lies the concept of "light gathering," employing translucent ceilings to channel warm sunlight into the interior. The play of light evolves with the changing times and varying angles, while the building's exterior is enveloped in 360-degree transparent glass, crafting a seamless visual panorama.

In particular, en route to the Hill of the Light, you'll encounter the charming and graceful jacaranda trail. Immersed in this enchanting and wondrous purple pathway, the atmosphere of paying respects to ancestors becomes infused with joy. A leisurely stroll along the trail offers a chance to quiet the heart and soothe the soul.

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Hill of the Light

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