BaiShaBay Memorial Park

Feng Shui

The BaiSha Bay Memorial Park is strategically surrounded by symbols of heaven and luck, with Mount Datun at its back, Mount Qixing to its left, and the Taiwan Strait to its front. In Chinese geomancy, such anchoring protects one’s wealth and prevents families and their descendants from being swept by misfortunes. 

The BaiSha Bay Memorial Park is composed of a cemetery, the Pet Columbarium, and the True Dragon Tower Columbarium. The memorial park is also decorated with symbols of the dragon and four auspicious sites that concentrate good fortune here. In fact, the Palace of Light on the premises was designed by a Pritzker Prize-winning architect to sit as the center of the dragon’s eye when seen from above. Due to these auspicious factors, many famous people from all industries are either buried here or have arranged for BaiSha Bay Memorial Park to be their final resting place.

Grounds Guide

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  • Service Counter

    Similar to world-class service offered by hotels, our facilities and personnel provide the same level of professionalism to both visitors and the deceased.

  • Parking Lot

    Our parking lots are designed with disabled persons in mind. Every visitor can easily access the True Dragon Tower Columbarium and other burial sites.

  • Buddha Twin Halls

    Inspired by Chinese xieshan style palaces and adorned with dragon carvings and paintings, several Buddha statues reside in the two halls facing each other. Visitors can bring offerings, pray, and admire the scenery from the top floor.


  • Festive Celebrations

    Commemorating every moment spent together

  • Environmental Cleanliness

    Diligently maintaining the ancestral home

  • Professional Services

    Regular staff training and collecting customer feedback

  • Floral Tributes

    Providing floral tributes services


BaiShaBay Memorial Park

No. 38-2, Mujiliao, Yuanshan Vil., Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City 252005 , Taiwan Phone number:02-2636-5300

Business hours: 08:30~16:30

If you need service outside of the above business hours, please call to make a reservation three days in advance.

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Parking Options

For smaller vehicles, proceed to the indoor parking lot on floors G1~G2F. 

For larger vehicles, proceed to the parking lot adjacent to the Shanzhi District Cemetery. Passengers may get off near the entrance of the True Dragon Tower Columbarium first.

Public Transport Options

Take the Taipei MRT Tamsui Line (red) towards Tamsui and get off at Hongshulin Station. Then take a taxi to the True Dragon Tower Columbarium (~30 minutes). 

Take the Taipei MRT Tamsui Line (red) towards Tamsui and get off at Tamsui Station. Walk to the bus stop opposite to the exit and take the Tamsui Bus. Get off at the Shanzhi Station. Then take a taxi to the True Dragon Tower Columbarium (~10 minutes).