Futien Memorial Park

Geography and Feng Shui

The Futien Memorial Park is located in Wanli on Taiwan’s northern coast, ~100 meters above sea level. It is guarded by three mountains shaped like three animals that play symbolic roles in Chinese tradition, with the dragon at the center. The mountain ridge that surrounds the area also symbolizes a jade belt worn by ancient dignitaries, which represents wealth and nobility.

Futien Cemetery resides within a True Dragon Cavern, situated in the renowned and majestic mountainous region known as "Dragon and Turtle Fighting with the Sea." In this spectacular landscape, the dragon emerges from Mt. Huang, dispersing mist into the air, engulfing the sea, while the turtle, with a resounding roar, maneuvers gracefully eastward through clouds and water—both creating an awe-inspiring and commanding presence.

Furthermore, the location is auspicious from a feng shui point of view, with the nearby Jin Shan Yuantan River flowing into the East China Sea which represents a pool of wealth. The landscape and the natural elements of wind, land, and water bring blessings to the descendants according to ancient Chinese beliefs.

The main hall at the Futien Memorial Park is spacious, modernly built, and equipped with holistic facilities that enable different ceremony types and events. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and clean environment for all visitors.

Grounds Guide

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Our Facilities

  • The Three Buddhas

    Annually on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Buddhist chants and rituals are performed in the main hall to bring auspicious energy into the space.


  • Ceremonial Worship Services

    Conducting Rituals and Presenting Floral Tributes at Columbaria or Cemeteries

  • Festival Activities

    Commemorating every moment with families

  • Environmental Cleanup

    Tending to the resting places of ancestors with care

  • Professional Service

    Regular staff training and collecting customer feedback


Futien Memorial Park

No. 22-3, Yuantan, Huangtan Vil., Wanli Dist., New Taipei City 207001 , Taiwan Phone number:02-2498-0666

Business hours: 08:30~16:30

Should you require service outside of our business, please make a reservation by contacting us at least three days in advance.

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Parking Options

Parking is available around Futien Memorial Park.

Public Transport Options
Go to the bus stop outside Taipei Main Station Exit East 1 and take the 1815 KuoKuang bus.
Get off at Dapeng Elementary School Station. Go to the National Taiwan University bus stop outside the Gongguan MRT Station and take the 1068 Keelung bus.
Get off at Dapeng Elementary School Station. Catch either the 790 or 862 Keelung bus from the Keelung Train Station or the Tamsui MRT Station. Get off at Dapeng Elementary School Station.