BaoSan Memorial Park

Geography and Feng Shui

The Baoshan Memorial Park is located in Taichung City, western Taiwan. Following feng shui principles, the Baoshan Memorial Park is surrounded by mountains like its sister parks which allow good fortune to flow towards it. The area is known for its pristine nature, scenic sunrises, and quiet evenings, creating an ideal environment for visitors who come to pay respects to their ancestors.

The memorial park is composed of the Baoshan Columbarium and modern Japanese style gardens. The columbarium is a garden-style building that echoes Chinese aesthetics due to the three renown Buddhas it hosts within. Every detail has been taken into consideration so that the Baoshan Memorial Park can seamlessly integrate into the topography of the area.

Grounds Guide

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  • Hall of Three Buddhas

    This space features three of the most influential Buddhas, each bringing a different blessing that transcend the past, present, and future. Buddha Amitābha blesses people with long life, Buddha Shakyamuni protects all beings, and Buddha Bhaisajyaguru blesses people with good health.

  • Buddha Kṣitigarbha Hall

    This hall is dedicated to Buddha Kṣitigarbha, in charge of looking after all spirits sent to the underworld while protecting the living.

  • Service Center

    The Service Center offers a quiet, bright, and comfortable environment for visitors to rest after having prayed and paid respects to their ancestors. Our personnel have been trained to provide industry leading service to both visitors and the deceased.

  • Outdoor restroom

    Providing a clean and comfortable environment for a pleasant restroom experience.


  • Festive Celebrations

    Commemorating every moment spent together

  • Professional Services

    Regular staff training and collecting customer feedback

  • Environmental Cleanliness

    Diligently maintaining the ancestral home

  • Floral Tributes

    Providing floral tributes services


BaoSan Memorial Park

No. 225, Nanguo Ln., Sec. 2, Changlong Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 411010 , Taiwan Phone number:04-2277-9203

Business hours: 08:30~16:30

Should you require service outside of our business, please make a reservation by contacting us at least three days in advance.

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Parking Options

Enter the memorial park via Nanguo Lane. Parking spaces are available on the left side of the road. Continue to drive along the road to reach the second parking lot.