Baosan Memorial Park

Design Narrative

Baosan Memorial Park is situated in Taiping District, Taichung City, boasting a glorious and dignified ambiance in the morning and transforming into a tranquil and gentle scene at night. The centerpiece, Baosan Main Columbarium, is a structure steeped in Chinese aesthetics. It features a lofty worship hall housing the revered trio of Buddhas—Buddha Amitābha, Buddha Shakyamuni, and Buddha Bhaisajyaguru—with a dedicated altar for worship.

The park's lush greenery embraces the unique geological conditions, harmonizing modern garden-style architecture, Japanese Zen elements, and a touch of modern minimalism. This seamless integration balances architectural landscaping and traffic flow functions, blending harmoniously with the scenic surroundings to cultivate a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

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