True Dragon Tower

Design Narrative

The True Dragon Tower Columbarium is considered the pride of Northern Taiwan. It is a 103.5 meters high architectural feat designed and built by Jun Aoki & Associates, a renown Japanese architecture firm. Sitting at 364 meters above sea level, it offers an unrivalled 360 scenic view of the area. The columbarium is a solid structure built with steel-reinforced concrete (SRC) that can withstand Taiwan’s regular earthquakes, with a seismic coefficient of 1.6.

The memorial park covers a staggering area of 350 meters long and ~100 meters wide. And the columbarium sitting atop was built on a slope that has been terraced and stabilized with discrete, anchored concrete blocks placed in rows. Furthermore, the geological integrity is monitored by Lungyen’s Central Management throughout the day using high-tech monitoring equipment.

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